Our Story

We’ve worked with countless organizations as advertisers, leaders and partners. We noticed that the great ones all had one thing in common: a purpose that people could rally around. Whenever people connected with purpose, profits soared and companies grew.

After spending years putting purpose into practice, we created a place where anyone can connect with purpose: Camp Purpose.

We set our sights high, aiming to create a rustic, inspiring and safe space for people to connect as a team, not just coworkers. We ended up at 8,200ft on a mountainside, smack in the center of Colorado.

Camp Purpose, Pine Co.

We developed a purpose-driven marketing curriculum to show teams how to infuse purpose into everything they do. Then, we laid out a roadmap to uncover how brands can put it into action to drive growth.

But most importantly, we made it fun to get out and be together – just like any camp should be.

Camp Purpose is a way for Johnson & Sekin to deliver on our purpose to Grow Good. Established first as the agency’s immersive arm for purpose-driven marketing, Camp Purpose has evolved into a reunion ground for teams to connect outside of the office and workshop, plan, and reconnect. Learn more about Johnson & Sekin here.