Connect With Purpose

Camp Sessions

Let’s Get the Team Together

Your culture defines where your company is going. At Camp Purpose, you’ll unite around a common culture and solve problems together. We’ve created a variety of Camp Sessions tailored for teams, brands, and organizations of all types.

The What

Part Retreat, Part Strategic Brainstorm, Part Therapy Sesh.

You arrive fully available and engaged, ready to invest your head and heart in creating a better future for your organization. You leave refreshed and able to articulate a purpose for your organization that you helped create.

The Who

You. Your people. No distractions.

A nimble, experienced group from Camp Purpose coordinates your experience so your team can focus totally on the task at hand.

The How

We meet you where you are.

No cringeworthy teambuilding exercises. No long-winded speeches. No mandatory fun. Just regular fun. This is a place for unscripted, honest conversations. We adapt your experience to the needs of your team, with gentle guidance that allows you space to speak your mind and focus on a shared goal.

The Where

Start something new somewhere new.

Our HQ sits on a 34-acre mountainside just outside Denver in Pine, CO. But Camp Purpose can take place anywhere – as long as it’s not your office. Even if it’s just down the block, a change of scenery creates memories, frees the mind and allows you to invest your whole self.

The Why

Purpose unites people.

It crosses boundaries. It reframes conflict as opportunity. It’s a tool that attracts customers, retains talent, and focuses attention. Once you’re able to disengage from your day-to-day, you can see your organization with a fresh perspective – and see how to make it resilient, meaningful and powerful.

But Seriously, What’s the Deal Here?

The world has changed. We all want to work for, purchase from and support companies that are making a positive impact. Companies, nonprofits and organizations of all types must exist for a purpose – or stop existing at all.

Before launching Camp Purpose, we spent our careers helping people and organizations discover, articulate and amplify their purpose. We’ve been there when a company discovers its purpose and seen how dramatic the turnaround can be. Suddenly, the people who are giving their life to it realize how much better things can be. Renewed, they set out to make their world better.

We envisioned a place where people have the time, space and tools they need to uncover or rediscover their purpose as individuals, as team members, and as leaders. Where new perspectives free them to do their best, most fulfilling work.

We’ve found our purpose. It’s time you found yours.