camp sessions

disconnect to reconnect

We’ve evolved where we work. It’s time to evolve how. Each of our Camp Sessions is tailored to meet your team where you are and help you get where you want to be.

purpose workshop

what it is

A Purpose Workshop and team experience to uncover your foundational brand positioning. We listen, create, share, and refine your purpose into a powerful tool for strategic direction and planning.

who it’s for

Leadership teams, marketing departments, brand teams, non-profts

what you’ll do

Take part in a guided conversation with your team to uncover stakeholder needs

Connect as a unified team away from the office

Realign your team’s focus by empowering individuals with purpose

Reflect on successes in order to point our opportunities for growth

Reframe goals and problems in terms of your organization’s purpose

Guided gathering

what it is

A guided workshop to align on a specific project, common goal or planning challenge

who it’s for

Teams who need to focus on developing strategies and solutions for a specific project, product, challenge, or planning

what you’ll do

Be welcomed and prepared for a productive conversation

Introduce the challenge and establish the stakes for solving it

Receive expert guidance on lateral thinking and innovative problem solving

Examine past efforts in a safe space to learn from what worked and what didn’t

Review industry, category, and customer insights for context and direction

Collectively develop the strategy/solution and gain full alignment from all participants

Establish goals, plans, and action items to carry out the newly defined strategy

servant leadership camp

what it is

Structured, focused training to build better leaders, with a custom curriculum that meets your team where they are today

who it’s for

Company leadership teams, C-suites, boards, and councils looking to infuse their organization with principled servant leaders

what you’ll do

Understand your role in promoting productivity, teamwork and communication

Build confidence for mentoring and influencing others

Learn to strengthen loyalty throughout an organization

Develop emotional intelligence and empathy

Mentor tomorrow’s leaders for your company and industry

Receive tools for measuring long-term impact of the training

Learn to integrate and reinfoce a culture of leadership within your organization

field trip

what it is

A custom experience developed to address your team’s needs and goals. Can be tailored especially for remote/hybrid teams.

who it’s for

10-15 person groups that rarely or never get together as a full team

what you’ll do

Discover creativity and new perspectives outside the office

Boost team collaboration and innovation

Uncover team stresses and resolve conflicts for the better

Reward and recognize employees for their hard work

Bring new employees onboard


what it is

Non-guided team meetings hosted at Meadow Creek Lodge

who it’s for

Organizations hosting small to medium sized corporate events, offsite meetings, retreats, and employee-reward getaways

what you’ll do

Use the property’s lodging and event hall space for your company meeting, retreat or event

Does not include a guided workshop, content development, etc.

location rental

what it is

Use of the property’s scenic views and rustic facilities as a backdrop for your brand’s photo, TV or social media shoot

who it’s for

Brand teams, agencies, content creators, photographers, directors